Hi, my name is Jill Brown. I’m a Cognitive Hypnotherapist based near Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.

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I’ve been a therapist since 2005. That doesn’t mean I believe I can solve your problems for you, or even give you any of the answers you need to solve them yourself.

What I do believe though, is that each and every one of us already has all the answers and resources we could possibly need somewhere within us. Sometimes though we need a little help to access them and this is my role.

We all have things about our lives or maybe even things about ourselves that we don’t like.

It could be something that seems relatively simple and straightforward, like an irritating habit such as biting your nails or regularly losing your keys.  Something that doesn’t seem to affect your life in any major way but you’d like to be free of it all the same.

Or maybe it’s something a bit more serious, like a fear of dogs or a phobia of flying. Something that you can cope with but still, it does affect your life quite a bit. Maybe it stops you visiting the home of a dog-owning friend or ruins your excitement about an upcoming holiday or even worse, prevents you going altogether.

Or it could be that the effects of a traumatic memory is causing you emotional pain and/or seriously limiting you in the way you’d like to live.

Life is hard at times and doesn’t always go the way we want it to. Sometimes we tell ourselves things like:

‘if I could just change this …. ‘, or,

‘if only such and such and hadn’t happened’, or,

‘life will be better when ….’

And then there’s all the other ‘stuff’ that stops us from being the person we know we could be and living the life we’d choose to live, if only we had the courage to do so, – anxiety in all it’s many forms, depression, smoking and other addictions, lack of confidence, self defeating behaviours, weight problems and eating disorders. The list seems to be endless.

But really all of the above are just labels. Names that we give to try and explain what a problem is, but which actually mean nothing. Ten people could all say they have ‘anxiety’ but the ‘anxiety’ will manifest itself in a different way for each of them. And likewise each person with a dog phobia will have had a different event that initially triggered their problem and each will experience the phobia in a different way.

This is because no two people are the same (not even identical twins) and no two people have led the same life. So from a therapeutic viewpoint, labels are of no help at all.  This is why, to be effective, any type of therapy needs to treat each person as the wonderfully unique human being that they are.

And that’s why I work with the person and not the label. In a way it makes no difference if someone wishes to stop biting their nails, give up smoking or recover from the effects of childhood abuse. Because I always start at the same place – with the unique qualities that make the person sitting before me the unique human being that they are. I never know which form the therapy will take or where it will lead. I know and trust that every person I see already has their own solutions somewhere within them and so I trust in their inner wisdom and allow their unconscious mind to guide the therapeutic journey.

So yes, I’ve had many years training and experience as a therapist, but I don’t believe for one minute that makes me an expert on you, or your life, or the changes you wish to make.

The only expert on you is you and whatever it is you’d like to change, my belief is that you already have all the resources you need. I’m just here to help you uncover them.


If you feel I might be able to help you in any way, please contact me and we’ll chat. No obligation, just an informal chat and we’ll take it from there.