Life is a Journey

traveling bagSome people love to travel.

It’s in their blood, they’ll often say. They love to discover new places and meet new people. They find that travel broadens their mind and makes them feel alive. Their feet begin to itch when they’ve been in one place for too long, however long is too long for them.

Some are content to stay put. They feel no need to go beyond their own horizon and be it ever so humble, there’s no place quite like home for them.

Others are somewhere in between the two extremes. They like to go places and have a break from routine. Before too very long though, they like to return to familiarity and be king or queen of their own castle once more, however humble or palatial it may be.

But whoever we are and whether we like it or not, there comes a time for all of us to set off on a journey of one kind or other

We may be travelling for some time and for some distance and the journey might have a definite purpose, maybe to attend to business, or take a well-earned break, or to pay a visit to loved ones abroad.

For some that’s what it’s all about – to get from here to where they need to be, but there are also those who seek no particular destination, because the goal for them is the journey itself.

It’s said that life is a journey, so maybe we’re all travellers at heart and it’s just that for some the journey takes us inside instead of afar. And sometimes that’s even more of an adventure.

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