Here are some links to relevant articles from various sources:

An article from About Education about the use of extended metaphors in therapy entitled:

Therapeutic Metaphor written by Richard Nordquist, Grammar and Composition expert.

dated 17 October 2015

An article from The Independent about the  metaphors we use when speaking to people with illness, entitled:

Mind Your Language written by Charlie Cooper, Health Correspondent.

dated 3/11/2014

An article and audio from NPR (National Public Radio) about changing your life stories entitled:

Editing Your Life’s Stories Can Create Happier Endings written by Lulu Miller.

dated 1/1/2014

An article from the American Counselling Association about the use of metaphors in counselling, entitled:

The Magic of Metaphors in Counselling written by Judy Belmont, MS, LPC.

dated 8/10/2013

An article from Huffington Post about story telling and metaphor, entitled:

The Transformational Power of Storytelling written by Lloyd Glauberman Ph.D.

dated 12/10/2012

A book review from the New York Times about the way we use stories to form our reality, entitled:

The Moral of the Story: The Story Telling Animal by Jonathon Gottshall and written by David Eagleman.

dated 3/8/2012

A transcript and podcast from IEEE Spectrum about recent research into the way the brain thinks in metaphor, entitled:

Your Brain on Metaphors featuring Steven Cherry interviewing Dr Krish Sathian.

dated 6/4/2012

An article from Psychology Today about the metaphors we use to discuss our lives, entitled:

Your Life Story in Metaphors written by Susan Krauss PhD.

dated 3/5/2011

An article from The New York Times about the possible distortions of  metaphoric communication, entitled:

This is Your Brain on Metaphors written by Robert Sapolsky.

dated 14/11/2010.

An article from Huffington Post about metaphor therapy, entitled:

A New Psychological Method: Metaphor Therapy  written by Wray Herbert.

dated 16 July 2010

An article from BBC News explaining how the effects of hypnosis can be demonstrated by brain scanning  entitled:

Hypnosis has Real Brain Effect

dated 16 November 2009

An article from The Guardian about Cognitive Hypnotherapy entitled:

Cognitive Hypnotherapy dated 6 July 2008

An article from the New York Times about the subconscious mind, entitled:

The Subconscious brain – who’s minding the mind? written by Benedict Carey.

dated 31 July 2007

An article from the New York Times about the psychology of life stories, entitled:

This is Your Life (and how you tell it) written by Benedict Carey.

dated 22 May 2007

A research article from NorthWestern University USA entitled:

The Redemptive Self: Generativity and the Stories Americans Live By

written by Dan P Mc Adams and published in  2006

A research article from the Journal of Contemporary Psychology  about:

The Use of Metaphors in Psychotherapy  written by Eliezer Wirtztum M.D,

Omno van der Hart Ph.D and Barbara Friedman M.A., M.F.C.C. published in 1988

An article from the Quest Institute of Cognitive Hypnotherapy about a research study entitled:

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Research – evidence it works written by Trevor Silvester, founder of the Quest Institute of Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

An article from New York Times about Personal Myths entitled:

Personal Myths bring Cohesion to the Chaos of Each Life

written by Daniel Goleman, published in 1988