The protaganist

Books - vector illustration

In any library or book shop the books are divided into sections.The main division is between fiction and non-fiction, although really when you think about it, there’s no hard and fast difference between the two.

Because if it’s true that writers mostly write about what they know, then it follows that there’ll be a fair amount of subjective fact to be found in any fictional book. And non-fictional work, being open to individual interpretation is also often a matter of context, opinion and personal experience.

Even the most precise of scientific theories can only be classified as fact until such time as the next paradigm shift rears it’s revolutionary head.

This makes it easy for us to head towards our preferred reading matter and most people do have a preference for one or more type of book. Those of us who prefer to watch a movie are also usually drawn to some genres more than others, be it action or period drama, romance or thriller, fantasy or science fiction.

And you might think it’s just a matter of taste and there’s no real significance to the types of stories we gravitate towards. However research suggests there’s much more to it than that.

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