Would you like to change your Life Story?

 Is your past impacting upon your present in ways you don’t like?

Do you feel there could be more to life but you’re not sure what?

Would you like the emotional freedom to become the person you know you could be?


bird leaving cage

Maybe you’d like to take things further than therapy and make major changes to your life in general.

If so, this enhanced approach may be for you. It’s more than just therapy, although it is by nature therapeutic and will involve therapeutic interventions as part of the process.

It’s not a quick fix and it’s not for everyone. It takes 100% commitment from both of us throughout the time we’re working together.

However if you’re motivated and ready to change, this intensive approach allows you to free yourself from any limiting beliefs that may have been preventing you from reaching your potential or living the life you’d prefer.

Together we’ll discuss all the the things you wish to change in your life and formulate a plan to achieve your desired results. Then, using a variety of methods, we’ll communicate with your unconscious mind to clear any negative effects from past events and set your life on the path that is right for you.

During the above process we explore your ‘personal myth’, which is a story that you will have formulated about yourself throughout your life. Sometimes these personal stories aren’t very helpful and contain beliefs about ourselves that hold us back and keep us repeating the same unhelpful thoughts behaviours over and over again. You can read about this here

You then reformulate your personal myth which I will write and record for you in the form of a therapeutic and highly symbolic story intertwined throughout with relaxing and hypnotic language patterns. Your story may adapt and change throughout our time together and eventually it will contain all the answers you’ve been seeking.  This recording will be yours to keep so you can listen as often as you like, whilst your unconscious mind  guides you towards the life you wish for yourself.

If you’re interested in finding out how this might sound there’s an example here.

birdwithkeyI believe this approach transcends therapy because it does more than help you overcome specific issues (although it definitely does that too). More importantly it allows you to transform your whole life and begin to create the happy ending you choose for yourself.

If you want to make major transformations to any aspect of your life, or your life in general, then this could be the right approach for you.

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