Tarot Workshop in Lound, Suffolk,


Thursday July 12th 7pm – 9pm

Lound Village Hall, Church Lane, Lound, NR32 5LL

This is a workshop for those who wish to discover more about the part of themselves that normally remains hidden within the unconscious mind. Using the tarot cards to connect with your inner self, you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself and teach your unconscious mind how to guide you towards becoming the person you know you could be.
You’ll learn why so many people are drawn to the tarot and why we often connect with the cards on an intuitive level. You’ll also learn why the cards can be such an effective tool for change and how to interpret the symbolism contained within the images.
You’ll meet with the Fool (the zero card of the Major Arcana) and using hypnotic language I’ll take you on an inner journey (known as a path-working or guided visualization) to reconnect with your true self.
You’ll learn a method to begin to explore your life story so far and how to create your own personal myth.
Future workshops will take you even further on a journey of self knowledge and growth as we meet with other characters from the Major Arcana and learn to connect with the symbolism on a deeper level.
This is a two hour workshop – arrive 15 minutes early for tea or coffee (provided) and chat.

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What to bring :
notebook and pen
tarot cards (if you have them – if not, don’t worry I have spare)
If you want to lie down for the guided visualisation bring a mat or blanket and cushion – if not, sitting on a chair is fine


Free parking on site