How is this approach different to traditional hypnotherapy?

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is very much a two way process. It doesn’t involve lying on a couch whilst the therapist makes all the suggestions. Instead the therapist guides you to find the answers you already hold within and then assists you to communicate with your unconscious mind to achieve the results you desire.

Will I be hypnotised?

You may be, although this isn’t always necessary or desirable during every session. Some people worry that they won’t be able to be hypnotised but this is never a concern and for much of the time I need you to be fully conscious so that we can interact. Many Cognitive Hypnotherapy techniques are trance inducing in themselves, although you’ll be in control at all times.

What is trance?

We all go in and out of trance all the time. It’s a naturally occurring state of mind.  Can you remember a time when you did something without thinking about it? For example drove your car or walked to a destination and can’t remember doing it? Or got so engrossed in an activity that you lost all sense of time?  Or daydreamed your way through a meeting?  These are all examples of naturally occurring trance states and this approach will access the natural  trance states that you already experience every day. I may also use hypnotic language to guide you into a relaxed state, during which you will probably find yourself drifting in and out of awareness, much like daydreaming.

Will I remember everything afterwards?

You may not consciously remember everything that happened, in the same way that we don’t always remember everything that was happening around us while daydreaming. You’ll be in control at all times however. Some people naturally and easily go deeply into trance and can’t remember anything much at all afterwards. This is fine too and your unconscious mind will listen for you.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends. Sometimes a simple phobia can be resolved in two sessions. Long standing problems like depression and anxiety can take rather longer. Most change happens betweens sessions and so there will usually be tasks or homework for you to complete (Don’t worry there won’t be any essays!) This could include things like listening to recordings, keeping a gratitude jar or writing a letter to your past self.

If you’d like to consider the life changing work then this takes place over several months during which you will need to be 100% committed to making the changes you desire.

How much will it cost?

The initial consultation is either free or at a nominal charge (depending where we meet) and involves a thorough assessment of what you wish to achieve. This is so we can both decide whether I am the right therapist for you before we make a commitment to work together.

Thereafter Cognitive Hypnotherapy is priced at £50 per session (between one hour and 90 minutes).

The Life changing work is different as it involves a lot of contact between sessions and so is therefore priced as a package. It is normally charged  at a fixed sum for each 3 month period of working together.