What’s your story?

The girls are reading a book.We all know that stories are entertaining.

If a story interests us enough we’re hooked.

I’m guessing we can all remember that lovely feeling we had as a child whenever we found ourselves transported to another world – the world of story.

And as adults it’s the same thing. If we love to read it’s a wonderful thing to get lost in our imagination and forget the world around us for a while. And movies too take us on a journey into another reality, another life, another point of view.

But stories are so much more than that too. They hold immense power. They can change reality and they can win wars. Juries base their decisions on them, corporations increase their profit through them and we live our lives by them.

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Working with Dragons

Working with Dragons


Close your eyes for a second and think of the word dragon.
What kind of image do you conjure up in your minds eye? What kind of feeling do you get? Do you think of a huge and terrifying creature? Is it evil and destructive? 

Or maybe your dragon is magical, magnificent and benign.

But whatever kind of dragon springs to mind, the chances are on some level you’re being influenced by every image you’ve ever seen and every experience you’ve had relating to that one word dragon.

Because for most of us, dragons are a part of our psyche …

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