What happens?

In a nutshell what we do is consciously identify the way you want to be and the way you want your life to change and then communicate this to your unconscious mind using symbolism and metaphor.

The most important part of the process for me is getting to know you.

two women sitting at the table

We won’t just concentrate on one specific issue, for example a phobia or losing weight. Instead we’ll be concerned with the bigger picture and your life story in general so far.

This can be quite intense. You’ll need to be open and reflective and have insight into what it is you wish to achieve. I promise to give 100% commitment to helping you achieve the changes you desire.

It normally happens like this

We have our initial contact via email, phone or skype and jointly decide whether this approach is right for you. If distance isn’t an issue we can meet for a chat (no obligation) as it’s always more helpful (and nicer) to meet in person.

If we both decide to go ahead, I’ll send you some exercises to complete and return. These will be thought provoking and so you can take as long as you need. If you find this difficult we can go through them together and most people find this process quite enlightening in itself.

We then have our first full length meeting, either in person or by skype. During this first meeting we’ll go through the exercises I sent you and discuss things in more depth.

This is followed by further meetings during which we use Cognitive Hypnotherapy and a form of life coaching called Project You to begin making the changes you desire. The process can be as flexible as we need it to be.

During this time I also begin to think about and plan the metaphorical stories which I’ll be writing for you.

Here are some short extracts of a few of the stories that I’ve written in the past which give you an idea of the form yours may take, although please bear in mind that they’re designed to be listened to and so you won’t receive them in written form initially (see below). If possible we will meet and I will read these stories to you as part of a session. I’ll also provide you with a copy in MP3 format (or on a CD  if you prefer) so you can listen as many times as you choose. Each time you listen your unconscious mind will be able to find different levels of meaning and the positive effects will increase.

Every aspect will be written for you personally and they’re designed to resonate on a deep level within your unconscious mind. The stories will reflect your situation and contain the potential solutions and new metaphors that you’ll have identified during our meetings.

The stories are hypnotic and weave in and out of each other in such a way that they induce a pleasant state of trance.

You can read more about metaphor therapy here.

After listening to the stories you can expect to feel relaxed and positive.

musicThere’ll also be hypnotic music playing in the background which can add to the effect, although some people prefer their recording without music and that’s fine too. I can provide either or both versions so you’re free to choose.

The next bit is the best bit. You begin to experience the results.

Sometimes the effects are immediate and sometimes you notice things happening more gradually, but the more you listen the more effective and permanent the changes will be.

Sometimes people ask if they can have their stories in written form aswell. Although there’s no real reason why this can’t happen, it’s better (at least at first) to listen to, rather than read them.

This is because we want to communicate with your unconscious mind. The stories are designed to induce a pleasant state of trance and this is more effective when listened to. After a while when you’ve heard your stories a few times I’m happy to send you a written version if you’d like.

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